Jewelry Design - we enjoy the vision and creativity of our customers
and look forward to creating “tailor made” designs according to our customers’
unique needs; whether it is completely your own design, or we work together on
ideas for a specific occasion, a specific stone, or a special dress.

Cut stones - wholesale and retail sale of Brazilian gemstones cut in house. In-house
cutting of gemstones in calibrated and special sizes is available for both the jewelry sector
and for individual customers;

Investment Grade Gemstones - we have direct access to some of the most beautiful and valuable
examples of Alexandrite, Aquamarine, Chrysoberyl, Diamond, Emerald and Paraiba Tourmaline;

Gemstones and jewelry valuation - we provide Verbal valuation (when there is no need of a document),
Asset Valuation (in order to establish value for insurance and family disputes), Judicial Evaluation (which is usable
in a court of law in order to help the parties in coming to an agreement and help the judge);

Consulting - we are uniquely qualified to provide advice on all aspects of and the different steps involved in opening a
jewelry business and/ or in the process of jewelry manufacturing.